Articles for the Month of December 2016 Challenge Coins, A Tradition of Pride, Excellence & Glory

Carrying a challenge coin is one of the many well-respected traditions in the military. These coins are small tokens which are created to build camaraderie among members of a military unit. Today, the tradition of challenge coin has spread not only to different military units but even to different kinds of civilian organizations. Former US Presidents like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush also have showcased a lot of silver coins to the viewing public. President Clinton has a display of challenge coins found at his office in the White House. Meanwhile, President Bush got a challenge coin from a US military unit that was stationed in Iraq in 2007. And even the current President, Barack Obama, offered challenge coins in memory of the soldiers who died during the shooting incident that happened in Fort Hood.

Challenge CoinsIn June 2011, the then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates visited the military bases in Afghanistan before his impending retirement. It appeared though that he was just having a simple handshake with a number of military men and women as a sign of mutual respect. However, it was actually a secret handshake with a surprise inside for the recipient. The soldiers were secretly handed with special Secretary of Defense challenge coins.

It is not always through a secret handshake that a challenge coin is passed –

But it is the tradition of carrying a challenge coin that any member of an honorable or prestigious organization wants to uphold. It is indeed a tradition of excellence. However, thanks largely to the internet and social media, everyone’s now getting into the tradition. It is not uncommon today for any police or fire department to have their own custom coins.

Whether you are a soldier, a policeman, a fireman or any kind of a civilian employee, you want to be known as a part of your prestigious group or company. Various corporations have come up with their own custom coins for their own employees. Civic organizations as well like the Lions Club and The Boy Scouts have their own coins too. Even the Harley Davidson motorcycle riders, Star Wars Cos players of the 501st Legion and Linux users came up with their own customized challenge coins. Everyone seems to have that need to be a part of a prestigious group or club. Now, you may want to join the bandwagon. You don’t want yourself and your organization to be left behind. This excellent tradition can also continue within your organization.

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