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Importance of Custom embroidered Patches

How can we distinguish in a group of soldiers who the Navy, Army, Air Force, or Marine personnel are if they are wearing the same camouflage uniforms? Moreover, how can we identify the units where those soldiers belong? Schools and grade levels of school children wearing the same white blouses and shirts is difficult to identify.

Distinguishing the martial arts clubs of participants in a taekwondo competition wearing the same white or black uniforms may not be that easy. Recognizing Police officers manning the traffic may not be easy for motorists asking for directions or even by those receiving tickets for violations. These questions and many more are answerable only by a simple yet very effective solution, and that is the use of patches, specifically custom embroidered patches.

Similar to an identification card, the primary purpose of a patch is for identification:

With the use of patches, identifying members of a group or an organization will not be difficult. Identifying the group or the organization itself using patches will be more convenient. Let us take for instance, a sales representative in a car showroom offering a prospective buyer. In his uniform are patches bearing the company logo and his name. It would be pleasing to the client seeing the representative in his uniform and even without formal introduction can call the representative by his name. On the opposite side, a customer not satisfied with the services rendered him will not have difficulty in naming any personnel should he file a complaint to management.


Custom embroidered patches also serve as morale booster to team members. Wearing a uniform bearing the name of a group or organization makes one feel that he or she belongs to that group. A member wearing a uniform with the group’s logo most of the time feels proud to be a part of that group. With that perspective, it is most likely that the group will be elated and the member more inspired to contribute to the group’s objectives.

Several decades ago, custom embroidered patches played an important role in a generation where love and peace are the pleadings. That was the time when the United States of America was at war with North Vietnam. It was also during those days that street protests were rampant. That was also the time when a youth generation was born, the so-called Hippies. With their departure from the usual American outfits, they introduced a fashion style identified only with them. Wearing military surplus outfits and jeans became their trademark.

Together with that fashion style was the integration of custom embroidered patches in their outfits. However, those patches aside from serving its primary purpose of identification also played an important role in expressing themselves. Patches depicting “love and peace” and “peace not war” among others are a common sight during that time. Their fashion style although different from the majority became a worldwide trend during that time.

In later years, after the Hippie generation, came another youth generation called Punks:

Ripped denim jeans and leather jackets replaced the old military outfits of the Hippies. During the time of the punks, the use of patches as identification still remained but expressions of love and peace were no longer the pleadings. Patches bearing the names of rock and roll bands were notable during that time.

Custom Embroidered Patches

Aside from being a tool for identification, patches, which are a part of fashion styles, also make a good reason for business. With the great demand for patches, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to make investments for patches.

Today, we all know that the patches’ primary purpose of identification is back. The very reason why at patches4less, we offer high-quality, durable, affordable, and artistically designed custom embroidered patches. Our patches are also available in sizes and shapes that you may require. We in patches4less together with our experienced design artists ensure that we will provide you with patches that will suit your needs.

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