Articles for the Month of July 2016

Tips on Article Writing

professionalArticle writing is one of the work-from-home jobs that are growing even more and more popular today. Because of the internet, several sites have turned to freelancers to write their website articles for them. With a vast selection of topics, including sports, entertainment, health, and technology, article writing has not only become profitable, but also lets the writers explore their area of interest or expertise. Though a person must make no mistake – writing a good article is hard.  The amount of work that a writer puts in each individual article he writes takes a fair amount of time and research.

While articles found on the internet could talk about different things, they share many common characteristics. Here are some tips for those aspiring to get into article writing, and how to write a really good article.

  • The type of article that a person wants to write

Aside from thinking of the topics that a person wants to write about, there are also the types of articles that could be used to disseminate the information. Some of the common types of articles that could be found all over the internet include:

  • News articles – articles about recent events.
  • Feature articles – slightly different from a news article, this type of article present information in a less formal, more entertaining way.
  • Editorial articles – articles that express the writer’s thoughts and opinions about a certain topic. Editorials are more about making other people think about the topic being discussed or persuading them to the writer’s line of thinking.
  • How-To articles – articles that explain clearly how to do something. It could be how to repair a certain object, how to cook a dish, or how to make something.
  • Profile articles – profiles are typically used to give information about a certain person. Lots of background research could be involved in writing profiles, such as interviews, looking up news (especially if the person being written about is a celebrity), and doing research on the internet.
  • Narrowing down the list of topics

Writing TepAnother thing that person needs to do is narrow down what type of topics he wants to write about. Having brainstorming sessions where he writes what sort of things he could talk about is a good way of picking out which topics he could get started on and which ones he could shelve for later. In article writing, he does not only have to think about the topic and type of article he is to write, but also the audience he is writing for.  Questions such as who the target audience is, what kind of writing style they’ll most likely flock to, and what will get them to start talking about and sharing the article are good points to think over. Other questions that a writer could mull over are:

  • What interests him about the topic?
  • Is there anything about the topic that people don’t talk about or is often overlooked?
  • What kind of information does the writer want people to know about the topic?
  • Know the types of research material that could be utilized

A good writer knows that his research material isn’t restricted to the internet. While search engines and online encyclopedias are good sources of material, he could also do research by going to the library, interviewing people, and reading newspapers and periodicals. He should also know if the information he is getting is credible or not, and try to sort out the material that is relevant to his articles once he has gathered them all. The key to getting audiences is to present something that may not be all that original in a new way and with a fresh perspective.